3 June 2017; #WonderWoman Review

Thrilling, surprisingly heartwarming and fun from start to finish, led by a wonderful (pun intended) and charismatic performance by Gal Gadot.

We follow Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) as she becomes the woman we know and love when she transforms from naive warrior to inspiring heroine while trying to end World War I.

On a personal note, I watched it on its opening day yesterday, 2 June 2017.



Sometimes in-your-face in 3D fashion (I am not a particular fan of the technology) but nonetheless the sequences are satisfactory.


Simply heartfelt especially Gal Gadot as the eponymous character along with Chris Pine (from modern “Star Trek” fame), David Thewlis (who you might know from “Harry Potter” as Professor Lupin), Lucy Davis in an charmingly endearing performance as Etta Candy, Ewen Bremmer (“Trainspotting” duology), Said Taghmaoui and Eugene Brave Rock.


Undeniably heart-pounding. Even Wonder Woman gets her own rocking theme music.


There is bound to be moments of comic relief and when it does, its often funny to hilarious.


Even though I have never read the comics and do not know the faithfulness of its source material, this adaptation does have an intriguing origin story-line.Wonder Woman as a Role Model for Everyone:I personally think Wonder Woman is a character that anyone can look up to because of her strength, intelligence, bravery, heart and well just being a feisty and tough tiger.

Ideas from Greek Mythology:

It is interesting how the filmmakers got inspired to use characters from Greek mythology which will not be spoiled here. I do not know if the source material includes it but it is nevertheless intriguing. Anyone who likes ancient cultures and mythologies may find it fascinating.



As it is a superhero film, you can imagine how it ends which will not be spoiled here.On a personal note, it would seem there is a number of superhero films coming out this year like “The Lego Batman Movie”, “Logan”, the upcoming “Captain Underpants” film, the upcoming “Justice League” and who knows what else.

Overall, a definite must-see for fans of the superhero genre as well as the best so far of 2017 and maybe for the girls, a girl’s night type of film.