Another Old Post from February 2017

22 March 2017

TheĀ #LegoBatmanMovie review;

It is a bird….it is a plane….No it is Batman in what appears to be one of his very few funniest movies to date.

The superhero comedy follows Batman in foiling the Joker’s plan to destroy Gotham City while also learning about the importance of teamwork in the process.


The animation is colorful and amazingly stunning.

The voice work is excellent. Particular praise goes to the leading voice actor Will Arnett as well as the supporting cast which includes Michael Cera as Robin, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, Zach Galifianakis as the Joker, oh and keep a lookout for Eddie Izzard as Lord Voldemort, Seth Green as King Kong and Jemaine Clement as Sauron.

The humor as well as the dialogue is hilarious especially during the “paying homage” parts to previous Batman media.

The jokes are funny and silly that pokes fun at certain superhero cliches.


Part of the story feels quite cliched since there are after all villains to stop in typical Batman fashion.

Overall, this is definitely something for the whole family and whether you are a Batman fan or not. This could quite easily be the “Deadpool” version of Batman (without its crude jokes).

Poster source: IMP (InternetĀ Movie Poster) Awards.