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22 March 2017

#Rogueone: A #Starwars Story review

As a Star Wars fan, I was excited to watch “Rogue One” and see how it could possibly stand out as a standalone film in one of the most popular and greatest film franchises in film history.

For the male viewers, the film is packed with stunning action sequences and thrills with its own iconic sci fi feel.For the female viewers, there is yet another powerful female lead from Rey to Jyn Erso who serves as yet another role model for all the women in the audience.

For everyone (myself included), there is the awesome droid K-2SO, the comic relief in the film, who is voiced superbly by Alan Tudyk who you might know is in the TV series “Firefly” in a role that is quite similar yet entertaining as he totally steals the whole show.

Pros: Exciting action, thrills, intriguing story-line set before the main events of “A New Hope” giving fans an answer as to how the Death Star plans came to be in the Rebel Alliance’s possession.

Good acting led by a feisty Felicity Jones who you may know from the Oscar-winning biopic “The Theory of Everything”. Acting praise goes to Felicity Jones, James Earl Jones as the memorable villain Darth Vader (even though it is a short cameo appearance) and Tudyk for their performances.

The visual effects is, as usual, fantastic.

The opening is totally un-Star Wars-like yet surprises the audience’s expectations as well as the lack of its trademark title card.

Cons: The action sequences are superb but feels quite overdone with the iconic gun shoots.

Too bad for the lack of lightsaber fights.

The music does not feel quite the same without the iconic John Williams in the conductor stand.

Also the CGI used to revive certain characters is disappointing yet understandable due to the character’s significance to the plot.

Overall, a fun time in the theatre for those who are looking for a great sci-fi adventure and for Star Wars fanatics in general.

Poster source: IMP (Internet Movie Poster) Awards.