25 July 2017; “Air Force One”(1997) Throwback

Get ready for today’s…Blast from the Past!

From Wolfgang Peterson, the director of “Das Boot” (1981), “The NeverEnding Story” (1984), “In the Line of Fire” (1993), and others, comes this political-thriller…

Alice Marshall: “I’m 12 years old, dad. In caveman days I’d be having children of my own.”
President James Marshall: “That’s what we call progress, young lady.”

“Air Force One” was released on this day July 25th 1997, making the film 20 years old as of today.This action flick refers to the airplane that President James Marshall (played by Oscar nominee Harrison Ford) boards in, after an important meeting in Moscow, Russia which also includes his family. Unfortunately, Radek loyalists and terrorists led by Egor Korshunov (played excellently by Oscar winner Gary Oldman), want to use the plane to release General Radek, a Kazakh dictator.

Fun fact; the film received 2 Oscar nominations for Best Film Editing and Sound Mixing.

Also, in 2001, the AFI (American Film Institute) nominated the film for its 100 Years…100 Thrills list.

Another interesting fact is that President Donald Trump said that Ford’s performance in the film is his favorite role out of the actor’s works, mainly because he “stood up for America”, however, Ford said that it was just a film and concluded by saying that he was dubious that Trump’s presidential campaign would be successful. Trump also used a part of the film score for his campaign.

Often considered one of the most popular action movies of the 1990s, the film has a similar premise to “Die Hard” (1988), as the protagonist is in hiding while defeating every goon one by one before facing the leader.

Despite these similarities, some of the film’s highlights include the majestic music score by Oscar winner Jerry Goldsmith, the strong performances, and the heart-pounding thrills. 

If you like the main actors that also features Oscar nominees Glenn Close, and William H. Macy, who you may know from “Fargo” (1996), “Wild Hogs” (2007), and others, as well as looking for some underrated action and thrills, then this is for you, or for anyone you know, who likes the aforementioned aspects.

Poster source: IMP (Internet Movie Poster) Awards.