25 July 2017; “Ruby Sparks” (2012) Throwback

Another entry for…Blast from the Past!

From Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the directors of the funny and charming Oscar-winning film “Little Miss Sunshine”
(2006) and the upcoming “Battle of the Sexes” (2017), comes this quirky romantic comedy-drama…

Calvin Weir-Fields: “Remember how dad used to say, I always had an overactive imagination?”
Harry: “Wait, are you saying Ruby is in your house?”
Calvin Weir-Fields: “I started seeing her this morning. It’s like that movie ‘Harvey’, except she’s not a giant rabbit”.

“Ruby Sparks” was released on this day July 25th 2012, making the film 5 years old as of today.

This unusual movie tells the story about a young author (played by Golden Globe nominee Paul Dano) with writer’s block who creates a female character (played by Primetime Emmy nominee Zoe Kazan), hence the title, for one of his novels, only to shockingly see that she comes to life in the real world. The two start a beautiful relationship together and if things do not go well between them, all Calvin has to do is type words and Ruby’s actions change to what he needs or wants.

Fun fact; Kazan also wrote the screenplay for the film.

Also, it marks the 2nd collaboration between Dano and the directors after previously working together in “Little Miss Sunshine”.

If you like the lead actors that also features Chris Messina, Oscar nominee Annette Bening, Golden Globe nominee Antonio Banderas, Oscar nominee Steve Coogan and Oscar nominee Elliott Gould and are looking for something strange and smart, then this is for you, or for anyone you know, who likes the aforementioned aspects.

Recommended for romantic comedy fans as well as couples of course.

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