27 July 2017; “The Simpsons Movie” (2007) Throwback

Get ready for today’s…Blast from the Past!

The 21st century has so far given audiences good movies, sometimes great and sometimes brilliant, like this delightful and even thought-provoking animated comedy-drama…

Marge Simpson: (About the silo that Homer has created) “Ugh, it’s leaking”.
Homer Simpson: “It’s not leaking, it’s overflowing”.

“The Simpsons Movie” was released on this day July 27th 2007, making the film 10 years old as of today.Following the events of the ongoing TV series, husband and father Homer Simpson (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) must redeem himself by saving his hometown Springfield from a corrupt businessman Russ Cargill (voiced by Oscar nominee Albert Brooks, who you may know as the voice of Marlin in the popular film “Finding Nemo” (2003) and its sequel “Finding Dory” (2016) ), after Simpson impatiently and irresponsibly polluted Lake Springfield.

Fun fact; there was finished material that did not make it to the final release of the film including roles from Oscar nominee Edward Norton, Erin Brockovich, and others, with only Oscar winner Tom Hanks and Green Day being the only ones to appear in the final cut.

On a personal note, I have a fond memory of the film because I watched this in the cinema 10 years ago and loved it, and right when the credits started rolling, the audience cheered and clapped.

Recommended for those who like the popular TV series (1989 -) and looking for something funny and heartfelt.

It is also suggested not to show this to the little ones because of its frequent use of swearing.

Poster source: IMP (Internet Award Poster) Awards.