30 August 2017; “Dunkirk” (2017) Review

Now it is…Review Time!

Before I begin, I know my one friend is going to like this…

With its gritty story-line, strong performances and direction, captivating cinematography, and its emotionally stirring music score,  Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is a clear war epic on its own, and even has the markings of a future war classic.

Colonel Winnant: “What do you see sir?”
Commander Bolton: “Home”.

Based on true events, the film follows an estimated number of 400 000 soldiers from Belgium, France and the United Kingdom who are surrounded by German forces in the beaches of Dunkirk, as they await for evacuation during World War II.



Nolan takes on an intriguing true life event and portrays it seemingly realistic (I say seemingly not because I am being dubious, but because I do not know the full history behind the story).

Cast and Performances:

Perfectly assembled cast and dynamite performances, with the likes of Oscar nominee Kenneth Branagh, Oscar winner Mark Rylance, frequent Nolan collaborator and Oscar nominee Tom Hardy, another frequent Nolan collaborator and Golden Globe nominee Cillian Murphy, and even an impressive acting debut from singer Harry Styles.


Nolan manages to pull it off solidly with his first war film.


Excellent and stunning.

Fun fact, filming actually took place at the real evacuation location; Dunkirk, France, hence the title.

Principal photography was shot in the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA.


Yet another frequent Nolan collaborator and Oscar winner, Hans Zimmer, masters a brilliantly suspenseful score. Why do I get the feeling that it will get an Oscar nomination next year?



As it is a war film, you can imagine what happens next, which will not be spoiled here.

On a critical note, I will not be surprised if the film earns a spot at the next Oscars ceremony in any category.

Overall, a must-see for war fanatics, an obvious blockbuster, and one of 2017’s best films.

My own picture taken at the cinema.