14 September 2017; “Score: A Film Music Documentary” (2017) PULP Review

Now it is… PULP Review Time!

Before I begin, this is my first review on a film I watched yesterday, 13/9/2017, at the PULP Cinema in Stellenbosch University.

Also, I cannot tell you how much I have eagerly waited for this movie. 

Fun, informative, and thrilling from start to finish, Score: A Film Music Documentary hits all the right notes of exciting docu-entertainment.


Glimpses of Particular Films:

Popular and excellent films are shown when discussing a particular piece of music score, such as the famous Jaws (1975) theme.

Music Score History:

Fascinating timeline of the aforementioned history.


Numerous, popular, and brilliant film composers such as Oscar winner Hans Zimmer are interviewed about their style of music, how music provokes emotion, tells the audience a story, and other interesting aspects.


Intriguing instruments are shown when the audience are watching a particular composer do his/her job, or just simply having fun.

Also, scenes that include score playing in an art studio, will give any film music fanatic goosebumps, like it did with me.

There is also a fascinating and psychological discussion about music and what it does to your brain.


Film Composers Not Mentioned:

Despite great and popular names being listed, I wish the documentary included late Oscar winner James Horner, Oscar nominee James Newton Howard, Oscar nominee Alan Silvestri, as well as a piece of Jerry Goldsmith’s music score of the biopic Rudy (1993).

Technicality from PULP:

There were a few instances of technicality failure, by that I mean the screen went black for a second before the film became normal viewing again.

Overall, a must-see for cinephiles and for those who love film, music, or both, and will most likely satisfy any viewer.

My own picture taken at the cinema.