9 October 2017; “The Princess Bride” (1987) Throwback

Get ready for today’s first…Blast from the Past!

From Oscar nominee Rob Reiner, the director of popular films such as Stand by Me (1986), When Harry Met Sally (1989), Misery (1990), A Few Good Men (1992), The American President (1995), and many others, comes this beloved romantic fantasy dramedy adventure classic…

Inigo Montoya: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father; prepare to die!”

The Princess Bride released on this day 9 October 1987, making the film 30 years old as of today.

Based on William Goldman’s 1973 novel of the same name (who also did the screenplay), the film follows a sick boy (Golden Globe nominee Fred Savage) whose grandfather (Oscar nominee Peter Falk) reads him the titular story about romance, corrupted princes, sword fights, giants, Rodents of Unusual Size etc.

Fun fact; the film is considered today a highly quotable cult classic, and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song – Storybook Love by Willy DeVille.

Also, the film earned a spot at the AFI’s (American Film Institute) 100 Years…100 Passions list at #88.

If you are looking for a charming film that all boys and girls can enjoy, as well as for all ages, and features Cary Elwes, Golden Globe winner Robin Wright, Oscar nominee Chris Sarandon, Golden Globe nominees Billy Crystal and Mandy Patinkin, and the aforementioned actors, then this is for you, or for anyone you know, who likes the aforementioned aspects.

Recommended for those who love 80’s films.

Poster source: IMP (Internet Movie Poster) Awards.
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Poster artwork: John Alvin.