2 November 2017; “Flight” (2012) Throwback

Get ready for today’s first…Blast from the Past!

(I have mentioned this guy before in my “Death Becomes Her” and “Contact” Throwback but I’ll say it again anyway)

From Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis, the director of classics such as “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (1988), the “Back to the Future” trilogy (1985-1990), and many others, comes this thrilling drama flick…

Whip: “Nobody could’ve landed that plane like I did.”

“Flight” released on this day November 2nd 2012, making the film 5 years old as of today.

Inspired by a real-life plane incident, specifically the Alaska Airlines 261 crash in 2000 and likely inspiration from Zemeckis who is a pilot himself, the film follows an airline pilot (Oscar winner Denzel Washington) who saves almost all of his passengers on an airline that crashed and gets investigated about the accident that also reveals something troubling about the pilot.

Fun fact; the film earned 2 Oscar nominations for Best Actor – Denzel Washington and Best Original Screenplay – John Gatins.

Some of the film’s highlights includes the intriguing story, visual effects and stellar performances, especially from Washington, Bruce Greenwood, Golden Globe winner John Goodman and Oscar nominee Don Cheadle .

On a fun note, I had to watch this as I was working on my first WatchMojo script 2 years ago; Top 10 Robert Zemeckis Movies.

If you are looking for an excellent drama that features strong performances and includes relevant themes in today’s society, then this is for you, or for anyone who know, who likes the aforementioned aspects.

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