25 December 2017; Best of 1987 Films Throwback

Just when cinema-goers couldn’t get enough of the movies from 30 years ago. Welcome to MMM and today I’m counting down the best of 1987 films based on my own enjoyment of them.

Before I begin, this is part of a list of film countdowns spanning over a 5 year radius from 1967 to 2017 from today to the 31st December. If you don’t see a film that you think should have made the list, please comment.

On a personal note, I wish you all a jolly and merry Christmas full of bliss, love, and joy. 

#10: Dirty Dancing (Romantic drama)
Considered a sleeper hit, 17-year-old Frances “Baby” Houseman (Golden Globe nominee Jennifer Grey) meets and falls in love with dance instructor Johnny Castle (the late Golden Globe nominee Patrick Swayze) during her summer vacation at a Catskills resort with her family.

Oscar wins and/or nominations: 1 win (Best Original Song – “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”).

Highlights: Cast, performances; lead and supporting, choreography, soundtrack, and ending.

#9: Surrender (Romantic comedy)
A wealthy man (Oscar winner Michael Caine) pretends he is poor to see if his love interest (Oscar winner Sally Field) loves him for himself or just wants his money.

Oscar wins and/or nominations: None.

Highlights: Cast, performances especially Caine and Field, some moments of humor and romance.

#8: Overboard (Romantic comedy)
When a beautiful but snooty heiress (Oscar winner Goldie Hawn) gets amnesia, a widower (Golden Globe nominee Kurt Russell) decides to take revenge by convincing her that she is his late wife Annie.

Oscar wins and/or nominations: None.

Highlights: Cast, performances, humor, and charm.

#7: Some Kind of Wonderful (Romantic drama)
Regarded to be one of the most successful of teen dramas, when teenager Keith (Golden Globe nominee Eric Stoltz) asks out his crush, the beautiful and popular Amanda (Lea Thompson), his best friend Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) realizes that she has feelings for him. Amanda’s ex-boyfriend, meanwhile, is unable to move on and thus plots revenge at Keith.

Oscar wins and/or nominations: None.

Highlights: Cast, and performances.

#6: White Water Summer (Adventure drama)
Sheltered and defiant teen Alan (Oscar nominee Sean Astin) is forced to go to camp with strict guide Vic (Golden Globe winner Kevin Bacon). After Vic gets injured, it is up to Alan and his fellow campers to return him and themselves back into civilization.

Oscar wins and/or nominations: None.

Highlights: Story, cast, performances, and soundtrack.

#5: The Princess Bride (Romantic dramedy action family fantasy adventure)
Directed by Oscar nominee Rob Reiner, who gave the world “Stand by Me” (1986), and would later work on “When Harry Met Sally” (1989), and undoubtedly a quotable re-watchable film packed full of charm and easily recommended to any viewer, and based on William Goldman‘s 1973 novel of the same name, the film follows a sick boy (Golden Globe nominee Fred Savage) being treated with a story read by his grandfather (the late Oscar nominee Peter Falk) about pirates, giants, swordsmen, corrupted princes, action, adventure, and of course romance.

Oscar wins and/or nominations: 1 nomination (Best Original Song – “Storybook Love”).

Highlights: Cast, performances, humor, and music score by BAFTA nominee Dire Straits singer Mark Knopfler.

#4: Good Morning, Vietnam! (Biography dramedy)
The film centers on the real-life adventures of Adrian Cronauer, an unconventional and impudent radio DJ (the late Oscar winner Robin Williams) who is shipped to Vietnam where he is an instant hit with his aforementioned occupation and a few colleagues, but is considered by his superiors as an unfit and comically inappropriate individual for the job. During his trip, Cronauer meets various people and sees the harsh reality of war.

Oscar wins and/or nominations: 1 nomination (Best Actor in a Leading Role – Robin Williams).

Highlights: Cast, performances especially Williams, humor, and charm.

#3: Crazy Moon (Romantic dramedy)
A young kleptomaniac (Golden Globe winner Kiefer Sutherland in an unusual role) and a deaf girl (Vanessa Vaughan) meet and fall in love after a bizarre circumstance involving the theft of a mannequin, and learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Oscar wins and/or nominations: None.

Highlights: Cast, performances especially Sutherland and Vaughan, and charm.

#2: The Secret of My Success (Romantic comedy)
Talented Brantley Foster (Golden Globe winner Michael J. Fox) can’t get an executive position, but finds a shortcut in order to do so, and along the way falls in love with fellow employee Christy Wills (Helen Slater).

Oscar wins and/or nominations: None, but 1 Golden Globe nomination (Best Original Song – “The Secret of My Success”).

Highlights: Cast, performances; lead and supporting, humor, soundtrack, and charm.

Before I reveal my top pick, here are some honourable mentions:
The Witches of Eastwick
Batteries Not Included
The Lost Boys

#1: Moonstruck (Romantic dramedy)
A widow (Oscar winner Cher) ends up falling in love with her fiancée’s brother (Oscar winner Nicolas Cage).

Oscar wins and/or nominations: 3 wins (Best Actress in a Leading Role – Cher, Actress in a Supporting Role – Olympia Dukakis, and Original Screenplay), and 3 nominations (Best Picture, Actor in a Supporting Role – Vincent Gardenia, and Director – Norman Jewison).

Highlights: Story, cast, performances; lead and supporting, humor, soundtrack, and charm.