30 December 2017; “Murder on the Orient Express” Review

Now it is…Review Time!

Before I begin, I watched the film on December 16th 2017 aka Day of Reconciliation and I apologize for only doing the review now.

On a fun note, I read the novel before watching this.

Faithful to its source material, and complete with a star-studded cast, this latest adaptation of one of the world’s greatest authors; Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express” should satisfy fans of Christie and the mystery/thriller genre.

Hercule Poirot: “My name is Hercule Poirot…And I’m probably the greatest detective in the world.”

As the title suggests, a murder has occurred on the eponymous train and it is up to detective Hercule Poirot (Oscar nominee Kenneth Branagh) to find the murderer before he or she strikes again.



Simply a stellar ensemble cast.

Costume Design:

Gorgeous. I have a feeling that the film will get a nomination for this particular category.


Superb with Branagh in the lead taking on a hilarious and brilliant portrayal of the infamous French detective.


Despite being mostly serious, there are occasional moments of humor.

Production Design:

Lavish. I also think that the film will get a nomination for this category too.




If you have not read the novel, you might be surprised about who the murderer is. Whether you have read the source material or not, the revelation is intriguing, which will not be spoiled here.


Spectacular with beautiful scenery as well as the train looking artistically stunning.



For those who have read the novel knows how it’s going to end, which again will not be spoiled here.

Overall, a fun ride (pun intended) as the viewer also takes part in the mystery and figuring out clues before the revelation happens. It will be no surprise if the film gets Oscar nominations at the next Academy Awards ceremony in March 2018.

My own picture taken at the cinema.