27 February 2018; “Dark City” (1998) Throwback

Get ready for today’s…Blast from the Past!

From Alex Proyas, the director of “The Crow” (1994), “I, Robot” (2004), and others, comes this neo-noir sci-fi flick…

[first lines]
Dr. Schreber: [voiceover] “First there was darkness. Then came the strangers. They were a race as old as time itself. They had mastered the ultimate technology. The ability to alter physical reality by will alone. They called this ability “Tuning”. But they were dying. Their civilization was in decline, and so they abandoned their world seeking a cure for their own mortality. Their endless journey brought them to a small, blue world in the farthest corner of the galaxy. Our world…”

“Dark City” released on this day February 27th 1998, making the film 20 years old as of today.

The story focuses on an amnesiac man (Rufus Sewell) on the run from the police and a group known as the “Strangers”, after being suspected of murder. He attempts to discover more about his lost identity and memories, including his wife (Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly).

Fun fact; South African music composer and Golden Globe nominee Trevor Jones composed the score for this film.

Some of the film’s highlights include the story, themes, visuals, direction, cast and performances that also includes Oscar winner William Hurt, Golden Globe winner Kiefer Sutherland, and Richard O’Brien from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” fame.

If you are looking for films similar to “Blade Runner” (1982) and “The Matrix” (1999-2003), then this is for you, or for anyone you know, who likes the aforementioned aspects.

Recommended to those who are fans of the listed actors and/or genres.

Poster source: IMP (Internet Movie Poster) Awards.
Poster artwork and design: Unknown.