“The Selection” (2012) – Kiera Cass

19 July – 1 Aug 2020


Things get REALLY interesting and entertaining as you read this swoon-worthy and charming book later on.
The plot is basically “The Bachelor” meets “The Hunger Games.” The main protagonist, the strong-willed and beautiful America Singer enters in the titular competition along with 34 other girls to win Prince Maxon’s heart while her secret love Aspen is back home. She later finds herself in a love triangle situation with both boys, forcing her to question where her true feelings lie.
The characters are alive and enjoyable, particularly America, Aspen, Prince Maxon, and Marlee.
The writing style is very well-written and entertaining.
Can’t wait to read the second entry and for its anticipated upcoming Netflix film adaptation
Highly recommended for fans of YA and royalty fiction.