29 December 2019; “Spies in Disguise” Review

Now it is…Review Time!

And also the last film I watched in the cinema before the new year. Also, I apologize that it took long to publish after I watched it but life keeps one busy sometimes.

Funny, colourful, and full of charm by its two leads, Spies in Disguise is an enjoyable visual treat for all ages with endearing messages.

When cocky spy Lance Sterling (voiced by Oscar nominee Will Smith) is accidentally transformed into a pigeon, he and his nerdy scientist colleague Walter Beckett (voiced by BAFTA winner Tom Holland) must work together to save the world from a Dr. Claw-esque villain (voiced by Golden Globe nominee Ben Mendelsohn).

Walter: (slowly) “…Disappear.”
Lance: “Why are you saying it like that?”
Walter: (slowly) “For effect.”



As usual with 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios, visually stunning.


Charming and possibly memorable in the future. Some of the personality traits that I like about Walter for example, is that he is super-smart, enthusiastic, and doesn’t want to see everyone he cares about get hurt.

Homage to Other Related Films:

Some notable aspects and nostalgia from previous movies that I picked up while watching include “The Matrix” – try to guess one characteristic – and of course James Bond for the typical yet fun formula, atmosphere, and tone.


What’s great about it is that there are funny moments for both children and adults.


Without giving too much away, perhaps one of the most surprising things you’ll notice is the messages that the film portrays. Ones that I detected include that violence is not always the answer, teamwork is important as well as trust, and one of my favourites; embracing your weirdness.


For those who like R&B and/or hip-hop, they can rejoice for the soundtrack has catchy and quite decent and enjoyable songs, however those who don’t like the genres might be irritated by them, and as I’m typing, I’m listening to Lucky Daye’s “Fly”, which is personally my favourite out of the whole soundtrack.


It feels like it has a great and original aspect to it, specifically how nerds have their moment to shine in order to save the day.

Voice Performances:

As said before, charming and entertaining that also includes Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan and Reba McEntire.


Lance’s One Characteristic Underdevelopment:

What is arguably left unanswered and not dug deeper is the question why Sterling always prefers to work alone, as if there is no backstory behind it.


As with most spy films, there is one or more villain that needs to be stopped.

Overall, a highly enjoyable time to spend at the cinema, with either yourself or with family and friends, or to give kids some visual entertainment, or if you are looking for a delightful light-hearted comedy adventure that demands no complex details to keep note of. One of my favourite animated films of the past year.

Recommended to fans of the listed actors, spy films, and animation.

My own picture taken at the cinema.