“Six Crimson Cranes” (Six Crimson Cranes #1) (2021) – Elizabeth Lim

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim Spoiler Free Review

Finished reading 28 February – 2 March 2022


Less than 5-word critique: enchanting, exciting, and compelling.

This is my very first Elizabeth Lim novel and it completely BLEW me away to somewhere whimsical.

The story follows princess Shiori and her six brothers as they uncover a deep, dark, magical family secret that unfortunately transforms them; Shiori into a voiceless and penniless girl with a bowl stuck on her head, and her brothers into the titular birds. As if that wasn’t bad enough, every word or sound Shiori makes, one of her siblings will die. What ensues is a quest to defeat this evil magic and its demon supporters once and for all.

Brilliantly and beautifully written by Lim. Her works; “Spin the Dawn”, and “Reflection” are in my humongous TBR, waiting to be read.
Awesome characters, even a snarky yet helpful shape-shifting dragon. And a sarcastic paper bird.
The world-building, plus the map, is absolutely gorgeous.

Recommended to those who enjoy:
*”Mulan” vibes
*Strong-willed female protagonist
*Forbidden magic and friendships
*Family bonds
*Fun-filled and action-packed adventures
*Slow burn romance

P.S. Can’t wait for the sequel coming later this year: The Dragon’s Promise.