“The Prince and the Dressmaker” (2018) – Jen Wang

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang Spoiler Free Review

Finished reading 9 – 24 June 2022


Less than 5-word critique: adorable, compelling and mesmerizing

O…M…G! The Prince and the Dressmaker is SO cute for words. It’s probably the most adorable graphic novel in existence. It also asks an intriguing question; who says dresses are just for women?

The story centers on a teenage aspiring seamstress named Frances who is called by prince Sebastian to make him…surprise…beautiful dresses. Chaos and hilarity ensue as the two try to keep Sebastian’s secret from his parents and the rest of Paris.

The illustrations are so gorgeous, beautifully done by the artists.
The story and characters are greatly compelling.
Wang’s writing is fantastic.

The novel would also be great as an animated film or TV show.

Recommended to those who enjoy:
*Royal person + normal person bond
*Sweeping and adorable romance
*Stunning imagery and dresses
*Guys dressing up in dresses
*Royal families
*Complex characters
*Growing confidence
*Fashion shows