“Cinder” (The Lunar Chronicles #1) (2012) – Marissa Meyer

Cinder by Marissa Meyer Spoiler Free Review

Finished reading 21 July 2022 – 18 January 2023


Less than 5-word critique: Unique, unexpected, and compelling.

This is perhaps my fave Cinderella retelling so far. And I’m so glad I finally started with the popular and hyped series The Lunar Chronicles. And oh man, the twists in this one. Wow. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the books are as well as its upcoming animated film adaptations.

In this first tale of The Lunar Chronicles, we follow Cinder, the titular heroine and cyborg, who is a brilliant mechanic but unfortunately shunned by society and her step-family due to her robotic side. Everything changes when she gets involved regarding a fatal disease affecting New Beijing as well as getting romantically closer to the prince.

I loved Meyer’s writing. Both occasional humor, drama, magic and science all put together excellently.
The characters are all very well done.

Recommended to those who enjoy:
❤Cinderella retellings
❤Dystopian worlds
❤Intriguing and sweeping romances
❤Twists and turns
❤Interesting villains
❤Themes on freedom and acceptance