“Cinder & Glass” (Cinder & Glass #1) (2022) – Melissa de la Cruz

Spoiler Free Review

Finished 18 January – 8 February 2023


Less than 5-word critique: Compelling, romantic, and binge-worthy 

I loved Cinder & Glass! Best Cinderella retelling by far. Plus, it’s perfect for Bridgerton fans. Definitely one of my favourite reads of the year. Would I re-read it? Totally!

Set in 17th century Versailles, we follow Cendrillon, a young girl whose life changes when her loving father dies suddenly shortly after getting remarried to a lady who reveals her true stepmother colours and turns Cendrillon into a slave of her own home. Luckily, she has her two servant friends and close royal friend Auguste to get by those horrible days. After a royal announcement, Cendrillon is one of many candidates chosen to be prince Louis’ bride. On the one hand, if she wins his heart, she can escape her life. But there is the sweet Auguste she’s developing feelings for. Cendrillon must decide whether to follow a better life for herself and her friends…or her heart.

De la Cruz’s writing is expertly crafted, the characters are all written beautifully and well-developed, the same goes for the romance.

I can’t wait for its sequel: Snow & Poison coming this April, this time being a Snow White retelling.

Recommended to those who enjoy:
*Cinderella retellings
*Bridgerton meets The Selection vibes
*Adorable and strong blossoming connection 
*Great side characters
*Twists and turns
*Hints of a budding romance with two girls
*Romantic historical fiction